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Thursday, March 2, 2017

little bit of this, little bit of that..........

I have decided that I need this blog.  I enjoy writing and journaling. I have to get over the fact that no one may ever read it. That's ok,  its for me.

Our life right now is in an unusual lull, a place we have never been.

A.G.  was injured in a basketball game on January 31st.  She basically shredded her knee.  She is having reconstructive surgery on March 17th.   She is a brave and strong beyond belief.  I know she is in pain, and very, very rarely does she let it show.  Is it wrong to say that I have enjoyed so much, much my strong willed child actually needing ---->>ME<<---- 4="" 5-9="" a="" amazing="" an="" and="" be="" bond="" bonded="" can="" for="" gets="" have="" her="" honestly="" hope="" i="" in="" is="" kid="" lot="" makes="" me="" momma="" months="" nbsp="" our="" p="" past="" post="" proud="" recovery="" say="" she="" since="" so="" something.="" stronger.="" sure="" surgery="" the="" to="" weeks.="">
Wes has started his first school sport.  He is running track.  He is built for it, I think. At 6'1" & 130lbs he is surely aerodynamic, right??  He started hurdles yesterday, and it was "so cool!"
In true Wilson fashion, keeping with the overbooking, his first meet is the day after Alie's surgery.  Soooo, that should be interesting. (which is also the speculated day for the basketball team dinner! super powers engage!!) He has also taken up Blacksmithing.  My grandfather is a Blacksmith and has started teaching classes to the grandsons and a few close friends.  He and Steven are enjoying so much taking this class together with my Papa.  Wesley is also an amazing artist.  He is hoping to do something with it while in college.  College!! WHOA!  yep, College.  My little escape artist is heading into his Senior year of high school shortly.  How in the world?

Kate, Oh my Kate.  Never did I realize what a fragile little flower I had.  When she was being big and bad and bucking the system, like all teenage girls.  That reformed Bad Butt is a Mommas girl (and I love it) and a homebody.  As a teenager , in high school, I never saw her struggle with friendships, etc... Well, as a college student it has been so different.  I never knew or realized that my child was a quiet, shy, introvert.  How, how did I miss that?  Well, I finally figured it out!  My child has ALWAYS been on a team.   She has always had friends because she has always had teammates. She has always been an extrovert because she has always done what is expected of her.  And if peppy, upbeat & over the top were expected she delivered.  And then you graduate and you are no longer part of a team or a squad and then, who are you?  I have watched as my daughter has slowly started to discover who she is.  It has been a blessing to watch.  This baby of mine is now a young woman.  She is about to finish her freshman year of college.  She LOVES mission work!  She wants to travel all over the world spreading the Love and Word of Christ. She is planning to major in nursing and minor in Spanish.  She is super excited about being able to do medical missions. 

Me, I'm fine.  what's the saying....." if a woman says they are fine, you better run." 


Saturday, May 9, 2015

The bathroom is finally done!!

ok, well really its been done for about a month but like i said, IT'S SOFTBALL SEASON!!

so let me show you a few pics and then we will get on with our crazy life and onto our next project !  OUR BEDROOM {YAY!!}
  We are so happy with the way it turned out .  it was really fun to get to work on a project with my hubby.  We only hit a couple of snags.  when we replaced all the outlets {not the cover but the inside outlet} we lost power for a couple days in our bathroom only, praise God.  Steven's dad came over and had us up and running no biggie.  It never accrued to me we would need to change the actual plug.  But a white plug doesn't really jive with an oil rubbed bronze plate cover.  

I would say all in all the project cost is right at $500.  We had red walls, soooo there was a lot of priming to do.  We bought all new door hinges and knobs, all new cabinet hardware and hinges.  New faucet, new lever for the toilet.  New outlets and switches.  And new paint with primer, extra precaution against the red!  

I tried to keep the decor to a minimum in there,to keep with the tranquil feel.  I love the cool teal accents and the pop of yellow the stems bring in.  

I will snap a pic of the pretty pin tuck shower curtain {bright white} soon and show it.  If there was enough room for a chair in there I would be in there all the time.  

Friday, March 13, 2015

Struggling HOT MESS over here!!!

Satan has been all over this house this week!

I have felt so heavy and just down right uncomfortable in my own skin this week (or more).   There has been excessive fighting, yelling, groundings, un-groundings.

I spent a lot of time thinking while I was painting tonight.   I was am hoping that this bathroom project would bring me some peace and teach me some patience. I have been begging  praying for patience for years. God is yet to hit me over the head with Patience wand. I mean trust me, his has given me 9million chances to practice, but alas, I always fail MISERABLY.

SO, tonight while I was painting,  I spent some time watching this enamel paint.  #1 enamel paint, is the slowest drying paint in History of the world. No matter how much I want it to hurry the crap up, nothing is going to make it take less than 24-36 hrs to dry.  NOTHING!!  ( I can't rush GOD)   Enamel paint is so thick.  You have to really work with it. You have to try and try to make sure the imperfections don't show. You have to be patient to allow time for the paint to spread into the cracks and crevices and take over the project.  (IF I GIVE GOD TIME AND ALLOW HIM, HE WILL SPREAD INTO EVERY AREA OF MY LIFE)  .  One of the nice things about painting is the ability to clean up spills. Mineral Spirits, is an amazing invention. It has the ability to wash things clean. (My Lord is willing to wipe the slate clean for me!, WHAT??)   I have always wanted to be one of those people who didn't have to "abuse the privilege" of constant forgiveness. But, instead I am in need of constant Grace and Forgiveness. 


There are things I can control but don't,  the way I should. The color of my words, the intensity of my speech, the way I let things affect my attitude.  I need a big makeover of my own.  Like my little house, I am a work in progress.....................

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Quick project update

 The facings are grey now.
 I'm in LOVE with how bright this is going to be!
Primer is on the cabinets. Which means we are One step closer to the end.

Friday, March 6, 2015


This hospital has already started hacking me off.  Her orders for admission were wrong, her procedure wasn't exactly what she was expecting. The crazy  super nice man who escorted us ( me, Becca & mom)   halfway across the hospital never bothered to say "ONLY ONE OF YOU CAN BE WITH HER" which lead to GOOD LUCK FINDING YOUR OWN WAY BACK.

All crabiness aside, she did great and is resting not to comfortably. And eating a little snack as we speak.

In other news at my house, a snow day for us turned out to be very productive.

The facing is all grey now and hopefully Steven has made some progress today.  

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

prayers please

please say a prayer for my sweet momma.  She is under going another major surgery on the 9th of this month.  This will require her to check in to the hospital on the 6th (she is NOT happy )

Sunday, March 1, 2015


That's how I feel about every weekend.  Like I blinked and it was over. How the heck does a weekday feel like a lifetime and Saturday and Sunday blow by.  So sad.

Oh well, such is life.

Saturday morning Steven and I got up and headed towards Home Depot. (Katie agreed to join us if we promised Breakfast). Our house is 15 years old and it is just starting to look like I fee . TIRED AND WORN DOWN. the house is getting a face lift (sadly, I am not).

We wander through Home Depot a while discussing 900 things we need to do. All the whole I am getting more and more overwhelme . After a little heart to heart in the middle of the store we decide to take ONE ROOM AT A TIME (Praise God).

So this is happening
 Cabinets are getting a new look, color and hardware.
 The red is OUTTA HERE!!! I did truly love it, when it was fresh and not so chippy.  ( See that poor wall)  oh, and the patch job from where someone ripped our toilet paper holder right out of the wall.   Heads up, its not a handicapped bar.
Right as Softball season is about to take off, we are doing a bathroom full makeover.  I am going to have to be OK with letting it take a Lil' bit.  Hah . Normally we would crank this out in a weekend. Well, this may be more like a couple weeks.

All items are purchased. 

Do do

1).   scrub cabinets down.  Scrub walls. Make sure it is all super clean and ready to start.

2) Empty all cabinets (and breath) agree to live out of boxes for a " Lil' bit".  

So, HERE WE GO!!!!

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Rachel, who??

Well, I'm back . Unsure if I was missed or not, but I miss writing . Its good for my heart.  I can pour out in text what I often bottle up.

  I was recently reading an article on the lack of bloggers with older kids. Its because moms of older kids NEVER sit down!!!  As a matter of point, I have to be somewhere in 15 min . I always have to be somewhere in 15 minutes (no, seriously).    I intend to blog the good, the bad and the ugly (there is a lot of it).

My blogs will probably be short and sweet.  To the point, because that is just my way!

I also, as most of my friends know, love to craft!!  Painting, sewing, and just plain ole re-doing things.  (Currently obsessed with Fixer Upper on HGTV)

I am a real full time, working mom.  Married for 17 years and a mother of 3 teenagers.

SO, its gonna get real, its gonna be ugly (and wonderful) and its going to be crafty!

See you soon,


Friday, September 7, 2012

holy wow!

Wow, I cant wait ti upload some new pics and write about our life lately

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Winds of Change.....

The winds of change are blowing our way.  We are realizing so quickly how fast life goes by.  Our kids are changing and growing in ways I am not at all ready for.  But yet, I will embrace it.  This is calling for a slow down on the part of our family.  We find it so rare for the 5 of us to EVER be home together, much less eat together.  We are making certain things priority #1 around here.  Time together, Steven & I, it is so easy to lose who you are a couple.  The kids and us, everyone has to be home on Saturday night & Sunday.  Hard to do with softball, basketball & cheerleading.  I am ready to focus on my family, I need to focus on my family.  My family needs me!