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Thursday, March 2, 2017

little bit of this, little bit of that..........

I have decided that I need this blog.  I enjoy writing and journaling. I have to get over the fact that no one may ever read it. That's ok,  its for me.

Our life right now is in an unusual lull, a place we have never been.

A.G.  was injured in a basketball game on January 31st.  She basically shredded her knee.  She is having reconstructive surgery on March 17th.   She is a brave and strong beyond belief.  I know she is in pain, and very, very rarely does she let it show.  Is it wrong to say that I have enjoyed so much, much my strong willed child actually needing ---->>ME<<---- 4="" 5-9="" a="" amazing="" an="" and="" be="" bond="" bonded="" can="" for="" gets="" have="" her="" honestly="" hope="" i="" in="" is="" kid="" lot="" makes="" me="" momma="" months="" nbsp="" our="" p="" past="" post="" proud="" recovery="" say="" she="" since="" so="" something.="" stronger.="" sure="" surgery="" the="" to="" weeks.="">
Wes has started his first school sport.  He is running track.  He is built for it, I think. At 6'1" & 130lbs he is surely aerodynamic, right??  He started hurdles yesterday, and it was "so cool!"
In true Wilson fashion, keeping with the overbooking, his first meet is the day after Alie's surgery.  Soooo, that should be interesting. (which is also the speculated day for the basketball team dinner! super powers engage!!) He has also taken up Blacksmithing.  My grandfather is a Blacksmith and has started teaching classes to the grandsons and a few close friends.  He and Steven are enjoying so much taking this class together with my Papa.  Wesley is also an amazing artist.  He is hoping to do something with it while in college.  College!! WHOA!  yep, College.  My little escape artist is heading into his Senior year of high school shortly.  How in the world?

Kate, Oh my Kate.  Never did I realize what a fragile little flower I had.  When she was being big and bad and bucking the system, like all teenage girls.  That reformed Bad Butt is a Mommas girl (and I love it) and a homebody.  As a teenager , in high school, I never saw her struggle with friendships, etc... Well, as a college student it has been so different.  I never knew or realized that my child was a quiet, shy, introvert.  How, how did I miss that?  Well, I finally figured it out!  My child has ALWAYS been on a team.   She has always had friends because she has always had teammates. She has always been an extrovert because she has always done what is expected of her.  And if peppy, upbeat & over the top were expected she delivered.  And then you graduate and you are no longer part of a team or a squad and then, who are you?  I have watched as my daughter has slowly started to discover who she is.  It has been a blessing to watch.  This baby of mine is now a young woman.  She is about to finish her freshman year of college.  She LOVES mission work!  She wants to travel all over the world spreading the Love and Word of Christ. She is planning to major in nursing and minor in Spanish.  She is super excited about being able to do medical missions. 

Me, I'm fine.  what's the saying....." if a woman says they are fine, you better run." 


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